Welcome to Eco-Youth! We are a organization run by teens with one main goal: to help fight climate change. 2019, was the hottest year on record since people started recording in 1880. As of May 2020, the concentration of carbon dioxide is the highest it has ever been in human history. The average wildlife population has dropped 60 percent in 40 years. Two thirds of extreme weather events within the last 20 years were caused by humans. And so much more.

Now how will Eco-Yoth help this ginormous issue? We are still a small organization so our out reach will be limited. But the hope is to raise money and awareness for this cause. Money raised will either be donated to larger organizations and scientist that are activity trying to solve the climate crisis or used to help make local communities more “green”. In any and every way possible we will attempt to make a difference.

While were are young and our organization is still small, our impact will not be. Every person on this planet is going to be affected by climate change in some way or another. The fight against climate change has just begun, and the planet needs your help!

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