5 Sustainable Jewelry Shops

The fast-fashion industry has millions of consumers that buy poorly made trendy jewelry that will be thrown out after a few wears. Not only does this waste resources, but it exposes producers to toxic materials. New movements have increasingly focused on sustainability in many different industries. These new movements have raised questions about how the environment is impacted by fast fashion. 

1. Ana Luisa

Ana Luisa is a new company, founded in 2019. Their collections are released in small and limited batches each Friday to ensure the highest production standards and eliminate excess waste. Ana Luisa was founded to bring clarity to the jewelry industry. 

2. 31 Bits

31 Bits was founded in 2008 when a group of college students became aware of single mothers in Uganda. This company works with artisans in Uganda to make high-quality jewelry. 31 Bits employs women and cares for its workers by offering numerous amenities. Anything this jewelry brand does is funded by their product sales, which means any purchases impacts women in Uganda 

3. Aurate

Aurate was founded in 2015 in New York City. Its jewelry is inspired by everything from the Brooklyn Bridge to doorknobs. Sustainability and ethics play a major role in its philosophy. Aurate uses ethically sourced and sustainably made metals and gems.

4. Catbird

Catbird was founded in 2004, in New York City. Catbird has its own line of jewelry that’s made in Catbird’s Brooklyn studio with ethically sourced diamonds. It also became famous for its permanent jewelry, which became a trend.

5. Mejuri 

Mejuri was founded in 1953 and is one of the better-known jewelry companies. It has a focus on everyday jewelry, as opposed to the things you usually only wear on special occasions. Mejuri is also known for ditching traditional markups, and the brand uses ethically sourced diamonds and cultured pearls.

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