Environmental Education

As residents of present generations, it is important for us to be educated on the state of our planet and to have accessible resources to enlighten others. Many outlets are censored and the information reaching the public may be fabricated or politically/ideologically biased. So, it is imperative and may be helpful to know how to access updates and statistical evidence regarding the environment.

Why Education Is So Important

Being cognizant of the issues degrading our planet, and the vital steps towards reparations can be what preserves life for future generations. Ignorance may be bliss, but acknowledgment has been held off for far too long. Education regarding the state and even beauties of our planet makes for more keen and caring observations. With an emotional connection to the life around us, problem-solving is more proactively engaged. The EPA categorized environmental education into five different components: awareness and sensitivity, knowledge and understanding, attitudes, skills, and participation.

“What is Environmental Education?” from the United States Environmental Protection Agency

Educational Resources

A problem many people have is their exposure to news reports, websites, or even documentaries regarding the environment. So, with this ignorance, the extremities of climate change and the mass corporations instigating its advancement are oftentimes not portrayed or alluded to on public platforms. However, plenty of resources exist that people could access if looking for such information. For example, both privatized and governmental agencies such as the EPA, Green Peace, the UN, the Earth Island Institute, the Natural Resources Defense Council, and numerous different state-led organizations have countless articles on the multitudes of environmental topics and current events. Not only are selective governmental agencies taking strides in providing education to the public; there are so many social media accounts, clubs in school, and youth-led organizations that collect and share information about such topics. As a new or aspiring advocate, these are great outlets for basic updates and provide you with a chance for participation!

Documentaries are also immensely beneficial for retaining a deeper thoughtfulness when it comes to Earth’s current state and its potential threats. They can be specific for one topic such as animal agriculture or can be as broad as the structure of Earth’s different Ecosystems.

Some helpful and entertaining documentaries:



“What The Health”


“Meat the Truth”

“Chasing Ice”

“If A Tree Falls: A Story of the Earth’s Liberation Front”

“Before the Flood”

Beneficial Websites:

The Environmental Protection Agency: https://www.epa.gov/

Green Peace: https://engage.us.greenpeace.org/

The United Nations: https://www.un.org/en/

The Earth Island Institute: https://www.earthisland.org/

The Natural Resources Defense Council: https://www.nrdc.org/

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