Director & Founder: Lusandra Garcia

My name is Lusandra Garcia and I am the founder and director of Eco-Youth. Over the past couple of years, there has been increased media coverage on climate change and I found my community being littered with trash. Seeing this constantly broke my heart, so I decided to start Eco-Youth! The goal of this organization to raise awareness and money to help fight climate change. Thank you so much for your support!

Director of Communications: Ramier Villarama

My name is Ramier Villarama and I am a writer for Eco-Youth. I am an incoming senior at High Tech High School, majoring in Culinary Arts. Throughout this summer, I found that I really want to major in environmental studies in college and (though it is a late start) to expand my horizons and learn more about environmental issues. Additionally, I want to find ways to bring awareness to these issues, help out, and give back to my community. Being recommended by a friend, Eco-Youth gives me the chance to do that and so much more, which is why I decided to join.