The Fight Against Line 3

Recycle, save energy, carpool: all common advice given to those who can take the course of climate change into their own hands. But, what about the corporations actively undoing these progresses made by the working class and damaging natural life?  What is the Line 3 Project? Built in the 1960s, Line 3 is a pipelineContinue reading The Fight Against Line 3

A New Way To Travel

Greenhouse Gas emissions are at the highest they have ever been. Emissions from fossil fuels and industry (producing goods and raw materials that we use in our everyday lives) produce approximately 36 billion metric tons annually. This causes rising temperatures, extreme weather conditions, and other changes in the environment around us. Most people are awareContinue reading A New Way To Travel

Fuming Fires In The West

Each year we hear of the raging wildfires spreading in the Midwest and on the West Coast. For the habitually dry climate seen in those regions, wildfires occur seasonally due to natural interference. However, we are now seeing-more and more- the devastating impacts and elongating effects humans are begetting on these seasonal fires. Furthermore, theseContinue reading Fuming Fires In The West

Climate Change Myths Debunked

    In recent years, the topic of global warming has become much less taboo, with the consensus of people understanding the severity of climate change. However, there are still many misconceptions and incorrect facts on the subject.  1. “The climate is always changing. This is no different”  Yes, the earth’s climate has constantly been changingContinue reading Climate Change Myths Debunked

The Environmental Future of Genetically Modified (GM) crops

With an increasing global population and the ongoing risks of climate change, effective human interactions with the environment are critical to nurture all aspects of natural life. One of these key interactions is the use of GM (genetically modified) crops, which strongly contribute to the agricultural food supply and the environmental outlook of our planet. Continue reading The Environmental Future of Genetically Modified (GM) crops

Environmental Education

As residents of present generations, it is important for us to be educated on the state of our planet and to have accessible resources to enlighten others. Many outlets are censored and the information reaching the public may be fabricated or politically/ideologically biased. So, it is imperative and may be helpful to know how toContinue reading Environmental Education


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