Environmental Racism

Many citizens of the United Sates refuse to believe the Climate Crisis exists. The predominant driver in this blissful ignorance is deception; they do not believe that the Earth is perishing because they will be and are the last to see these effects. Racism is an apparent reality in the United States whether it isContinue reading Environmental Racism


Forests are incredibly complex and important ecosystems. From providing habitats to acting as carbon sinks, they go beyond just beautiful scenery and are crucial to the environment. There are three types of forests: temperate, tropical, and boreal. Temperate forests are located at about the 25º and 50º latitudes at both hemispheres of the Earth. 25Continue reading Forests

A War against Fast Fashion

H&M, Zaful, Forever 21, Zara, Shein: Teenagers’ go-to brands are not only notorious for their stylish clothing, but also their lasting effects on the planet. For the most part, there is no ignoring the faults of these multi-million dollar companies. The cheap and cute clothes distract many from the true inside workings, factory conditions, employeeContinue reading A War against Fast Fashion

Protect the Arctic

What is Going On? Over the last few years, the state of the Arctic has fallen into deeper peril, with numerous species facing much danger. As of January 6th, the Arctic Wildlife Refuge, home to land and marine animals, hundreds of bird species, and fish, is up for sale. In December, a lease sale wasContinue reading Protect the Arctic

Christmas: A Revival

The holidays are here! Unfortunately, with it comes the chance to hurt the environment. This article shouldn’t be a slap on the wrist for all the mistakes done, but instead  an eye opener for all the things that can be done better for future holidays. With the majority of the population celebrating within the sameContinue reading Christmas: A Revival

2020 is set to be warmest year in history Despite La niña effect

Each year we see new record temperatures and an increasing presence of dire natural disasters. 2020, following this pattern, is said to once again break predecessor records. We have witnessed disastrous fires, a premature and long-lasting hurricane season, and abnormal weather in different regions of the world. However, this news is more concerning than priorContinue reading 2020 is set to be warmest year in history Despite La niña effect


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