The Dangers of Biodiversity Loss

One of the most important hallmarks of nature’s beauty is the diversity of plants and animals within it. However, with continued human population growth, excessive consumption, and reduced resource efficiency, the world is facing significant biodiversity loss. This refers to the decline or disappearance of the diverse organisms that inhabit our planet, including their geneticContinue reading The Dangers of Biodiversity Loss

New Year, Same Problems

As we emerge into the New Year, resolutions are made and with them come opportunities to do better. A trend we see each year, however, is the worsening of our environment and not enough action being taken. This has once again been a prevalent problem in 2021. Going into 2022, it’s important to be awareContinue reading New Year, Same Problems

Aviation Travel

Nearly 100,000 flights take off daily. Air travel is the first choice for long-distance travel. Because of the speed of airplanes, as well as their ability to travel over bodies of water, it’s easy to understand how the industry has become so large and powerful over the last 100 years.  Although taking an airplane isContinue reading Aviation Travel

What is that Noise?

In an ever-increasing urbanized society, cities have become the hub for an unnoticeable, yet dangerous type of pollution. Some of its causes include the following: Street traffic noise from pedestrians, cars, buses, etc Construction activities that involve the use of enormous machinery Events involving fireworks and loud music Industrial noises like fans, generators, and millsContinue reading What is that Noise?

A More Plant-Based Diet: Could Plants be the Answer?

The World Health Organization expresses that methane from livestock is the second largest contributor to Global Warming after carbon dioxide from the combustion of coal and other fossil fuels. Animal Agriculture is also said to account for 91% of the Amazon Rainforest’s destruction. Not palm oil, not infrastructure; but raising livestock. So, by decreasing theContinue reading A More Plant-Based Diet: Could Plants be the Answer?


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