Bycatch and the Fishing Industries Effect on the Food Chain

In 2018, Americans ate nearly 16.1 pounds of seafood throughout the entire year. Many vegetarians find themselves eating fish because it’s an excellent source of protein. Seafood has been a common meal for thousands of years. But lately, the fishing industry has been under scrutiny because of the amount of damage they are causing throughContinue reading Bycatch and the Fishing Industries Effect on the Food Chain

Prioritizing Climate Change & Inequality in Agriculture

THE JUSTICE FOR BLACK FARMERS ACT The Biden Administration has been taking executive actions to tackle and secure environmental justice. Earlier this year, President Biden signed an executive order for approaching the climate crisis at home and abroad, learning about climate-resilient food and agriculture and directing every federal agency to advance our country’s climate strategy.Continue reading Prioritizing Climate Change & Inequality in Agriculture

Easter: A rotten egg

Each holiday brings a different celebration, Easter- a celebration of rebirth and revival- brings its challenges as well. There is no avoiding plastic pollution in today’s modern society, especially when a large number of people celebrate the holiday. An estimated 30% of people worldwide are Christians (embodying most or all denominations) and in the UnitedContinue reading Easter: A rotten egg

Natural Disasters Appearing Left And Right: Only the Beginning

Every month or so there seems to be a new natural catastrophe embarking on different regions, leaving nothing but utter destruction. Although hardly any news outlets express this fact, the progressively changing climate is to blame. Not to mention, regardless of these blatant signs of environmental damage, more degradation has yet to be ceased. OfContinue reading Natural Disasters Appearing Left And Right: Only the Beginning

Texas Climate Threats

Rising temperatures, melting ice caps, and blazing forest fires are all key phrases commonly associated with global warming, and rightfully so. Throughout past decades, global climate has been on the rise, creating unprecedented and irregular weather patterns throughout the world. However, a warming planet leaves peril in more ways than one, a feat that TexansContinue reading Texas Climate Threats


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