We’re a Teen-Led Organization Fighting Climate Change

As of May 2020, the concentration of carbon dioxide is the highest it has ever been in human history. The average wildlife population has dropped 60 percent in 40 years. Two thirds of extreme weather events within the last 20 years were caused by humans, and so much more.

What We Do

Our goal is to raise money and awareness for climate change. Money raised will be used to help our communities within New Jersey by planning beach clean ups, city gardens, and more! In any and every way possible we will to make a difference!


Natural Disasters Appearing Left And Right: Only the Beginning

Every month or so there seems to be a new natural catastrophe embarking on different regions, leaving nothing but utter destruction. Although hardly any news outlets express this fact, the progressively changing climate is to blame. Not to mention, regardless of these blatant signs of environmental damage, more degradation has yet to be ceased. OfContinue reading Natural Disasters Appearing Left And Right: Only the Beginning

Texas Climate Threats

Rising temperatures, melting ice caps, and blazing forest fires are all key phrases commonly associated with global warming, and rightfully so. Throughout past decades, global climate has been on the rise, creating unprecedented and irregular weather patterns throughout the world. However, a warming planet leaves peril in more ways than one, a feat that TexansContinue reading Texas Climate Threats


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The Great Barrier Reef 2000 vs. 2016

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